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Your Information is Secure!

CARTaGENE’s commitment to the privacy and protection of your information complies with policies and security measures duly approved by ethics committees and the Commission d’accès à l’information. The CARTaGENE Participant Portal uses an encryption protocol to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the information submitted through the Internet.

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It’s Simple. Here’s what’s Involved:

  • Register on this Participant Portal by entering your email address in the “Get started” box and follow the instructions. It only takes 5 minutes!

  • Begin the follow-up Health and Lifestyle Survey. Don’t have time to finish the survey? That’s okay, come back later - your data is saved automatically.

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How you're Helping

More than 43,000 Participants

In 2015, CARTaGENE reached its goal of 43,000 participants across Quebec. But the journey has just begun! Long-term health follow-up is one of CARTaGENE principal mandates. Today, we are asking for your participation to achieve this important mission.

The power of research lies within the numbers. We are grateful to all of our participants and we are excited to hear from your again through this portal.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution!

Research Benefits

Detailed lifestyle and health information provided by our participants has made CARTaGENE a well-established and valuable public platform for health research. Thanks to CARTaGENE, many scientists will be able to carry out their research more efficiently.

Your data will help improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and may therefore, contribute to the improvement of the Quebec health system.